B.o.B - Make It Rain lyrics

Free T.I.P. bitch Grand Hustle Kings, yes We obviously poppin and probably poppin a bottle of vodka So man they prolly gon think They prolly gon think, yea They prolly gon think Dolla for dolla it's gon rain, yes Thinkin ima cake for you Maybe wit monopoly money it might sprinkle Take the panties from around yo ankles Ima star so I must be spangled Make a nigga like me say thank ya ma'am you look good from this angle Mane mane Ima have to hear a playboy tray up(?) -

Cuz it's all the champagne you can drink up man We gon need another champagne go So bring it on back, wap wap Show ya boy love, girl give my lap dap, yes Every time I spit that rap She just get to movin and she can't hold back, yes It's B.O.B., Bobby Ray, no you aint You seein things that's ok to be amazed All the string(?) don't mean a thing I bring the rain so clean your drains out