B.o.B - Beast Mode lyrics (Chinese translation). | Cause I'm in Beast mode, beast mode
, Give me those beats I eat those
, All day I don't sleep no
, I...
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B.o.B - Beast Mode (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Cause I'm in Beast mode, beast mode
ZH: 因为我在野兽模式,野兽模式

EN: Give me those beats I eat those
ZH: 给我我吃那些那些节拍

EN: All day I don't sleep no
ZH: 一天我不睡觉不

EN: I don't even know what I got sheets for
ZH: 我甚至不知道什么薄板。

EN: Them pillow cases and bed frames oh nah take that, don't need those
ZH: 他们的床和枕头案件帧哦,不需要那些没有采取

EN: So high I don't get high, don't even know what I got weed for
ZH: 那么高我不高,甚至不知道什么的杂草

EN: People I'm in beast mode, why'd you think I got these teeth for
ZH: 我在野兽模式中,为什么你觉得我有这些牙齿的人群

EN: Why do I rep that east side and why do they all call me B.O
ZH: 为什么我东侧的 rep 和为什么他们都叫我 B.O

EN: But see I need this beat for
ZH: 但看看我需要为此打

EN: Anybody fed my ego
ZH: 有人喂我的自负

EN: Back in the hood at east shows
ZH: 在东罩在后面显示

EN: So we take hood wherever we go
ZH: 所以无论我们走到哪里,我们采取罩

EN: Please know, I am as loyal as loyalty is when it's gave
ZH: 请知道,我像忠诚,忠诚是当它给了

EN: Dedicated, determined, dependable
ZH: 专用、 坚定、 可靠

EN: So I admit it myself
ZH: 所以我承认它自己

EN: Yes I committed myself to the game
ZH: 是我犯的错的游戏

EN: Don't be letting them tell you them lies
ZH: 不要让他们告诉你他们的谎言

EN: We make the industry real when it's fake
ZH: 我们让业界真正当它就是假

EN: So stay meditating so your head is facing into the direction you aim bitch!
ZH: 所以打坐所以你的头面向入方向您的逗留目的是婊子!

EN: Okay then, know what my name is
ZH: 好然后,知道我的名字是什么

EN: Excuse my language but I'm fed up with the same sh-t
ZH: 原谅我的语言,但我受够了同一 sh-t

EN: They say they love me but it's really cause I'm famous see
ZH: 他们说他们爱我,但那真的是我成名的原因见

EN: My momma told me this back when I was nameless
ZH: 我妈妈告诉我这回无名的时候

EN: So f-ck y'all, I'm shameless, I'm a beast unleashed I'm raging
ZH: 所以 f-ck 你们,我是无耻,我是释放了野兽我肆虐

EN: I'm living inside of this Matrix, this video game I'm playing
ZH: 我生活在此的矩阵,我在玩这个游戏

EN: I ride around and they praise me
ZH: 我骑在附近,他们赞美我

EN: I crack a smile and they waving
ZH: 我破解一个微笑和他们挥舞着

EN: I guess you could call me David Ruffin I'm circled in the Temptations
ZH: 我猜你可以给我打电话我盘旋在诱惑的大卫 · 特拉芬

EN: Or maybe I'm angry, maybe I just need a little more patience
ZH: 或者说我生气,或许我只是需要多一点耐心

EN: Or maybe I'm crazy, maybe I just get a little to anxious
ZH: 或也许我是疯了,也许只是有点向焦虑

EN: Some-times-I-rhyme-like-I'm-inside-Einsteins-mind
ZH: Some-times-I-rhyme-like-I'm-inside-Einsteins-mind

EN: Look at the time fly by, plenty of times I've died
ZH: 看看时间飞的很多次我已经死

EN: Tooken the (?) guise claiming they lost there mind
ZH: Tooken 声称他们丢失了 (?) 打着幌子那里介意

EN: She aint really seen sh-t n-gga til you had the whole World flipped upside down
ZH: 她不是真的见过 sh-t n-gga 直到你有整个世界颠倒翻转

EN: Right side up from the DEC so the Eastside's up
ZH: 右侧向上从 DEC 所以东边的

EN: Fired up so you know when I get to the booth I go ham
ZH: 我去火腿高涨起来,所以你知道当我到展台。

EN: Cause I gotta do what I can
ZH: 我要尽我所能的原因

EN: So I'm like Kadoosh, kadoosh, kadoosh, I don't know which side I chant
ZH: 我就像 Kadoosh、 kadoosh、 kadoosh,我不知道我吟诵哪一边

EN: I'm kinda like a blur with these words, it's a (?) with these verbs
ZH: 我有点像这些话一片模糊,它是与这些动词 (?)

EN: Running at a hundred kilometers
ZH: 在一百多公里运行

EN: Pretty soon I'mma leave Earth
ZH: 很快我来离开地球

EN: Earthlings, or whatever Human beings, I'mma beast
ZH: 地球人,或不管人类,我来野兽

EN: Your a feast, curly fries, onion rings
ZH: 你一顿盛宴、 薯条、 洋葱圈

EN: This is not a f-cking game
ZH: 这不是一个 f 华君游戏

EN: Aint no referee's involved
ZH: 不是没有裁判的参与

EN: This is military combat soldiers standing guard round my yard
ZH: 这是军事作战士兵守在我的院子里圆

EN: Entourage, ham squad to be exact, smoking ham, smacking back
ZH: 随行人员,火腿队要确切,吸烟火腿、 吧唧回

EN: Take your girl have her back, we don't want her round my team
ZH: 把你的女孩让她回来,我们不想让她圆我的团队

EN: She's a slut and she's a freak, but you don't know cause she's discreet
ZH: 她是个荡妇,她是个疯子,但你不知道她是谨慎的原因

EN: I swear I see everything that's a bit, man I'm fed up to my neck with the stress
ZH: 我发誓我看到的一切,是有点,人到我脖子上的压力烦透

EN: I could use a wish Hayley where you at
ZH: 我可以使用一个愿望海利哪里你在

EN: I guess the only exception to these girls is that I rap
ZH: 我想这些女孩的唯一例外是我说唱

EN: But I only attack
ZH: 但我只攻击

EN: Cause I'm in beast mode, just beast mode
ZH: 因为我在野兽模式,只是野兽模式

EN: Everybody know I'm a muthaf-cking impostor, monster
ZH: 每个人都知道我是一个世上华君的骗子,怪物

EN: And a (?) shoulda been my sponsor
ZH: (?) 应过我的赞助人

EN: But sometimes I wonder, what is this race I run for
ZH: 但有时候我在想,什么是我跑的这场比赛

EN: I don't give a f-ck about numbers so I find it ironic
ZH: 我不给号码的 f-ck 所以我讽刺的是

EN: These n-ggas get mad at me, talking all sideways with they eyes glazed
ZH: 这些 n-藤黄总酸我发火,说所有与他们侧身釉的眼睛

EN: They mad cause I'm straight
ZH: 他们疯狂的原因我是直

EN: What the mind see's the eyes say
ZH: 说什么心灵看到的眼睛

EN: And they say that I went pop and the streets say
ZH: 他们说我去了流行音乐和大街上说

EN: I aint hip hop but if this not let the sh-t stop
ZH: 我不是嘻哈但如果这不让 sh-t 停止