B.U.B.S. - Please Be With Me lyrics

I want to be with you. You are what keeps me sane.
My boundless love for you, I cannot unceasingly refrain.
I remember the first time I saw you, you lived near my lane.
You had that next door neighbor, a ditzy socialite by the name of Jane.

Please be with me.
I don't want to end up paying some kind of fee.
Please be with me.
Being with you will be like some kind of jubilee.

Whenever I see you,
my attempts at hiding my love are strained.
Whenever I spoke to you,
your attempts at playing hard to get were feigned.
Whenever I hear you,
you have the voice of a true dame.
The last time I heard of you,
you set your sights on a guy named Wayne.

Please be with me.
Don't play with my heart like some kind of monopoly.
Please be with me.
You are to my heart what a door is like to a key.

You've got to take chances.
It's what leads to romances.
You've got to take those chances. (chances)
It's what makes your life enhances. (enhances)

The first time you heard of me, I was with some girl called Elaine.
Don't believe the hearsay, those rumors are lame.
My adorement of you will never wane, it's what stops me from being vain.
My admirement of you is hyperactive, it's borderline high-octane.

Please be with me.
This can be so much more than a gimmicky novelty.
Please be with me.
I swear to you I won't resort to infidelity.

My cherishment of you runs deep, my adulation of you is steep.
Don't assume my character is cheap, my oaths are what I keep.
I don't want to see your crystal eyes weep, please don't, girl.
You are my shiny pearl, my predilection of you is not a faith of leap.

We need to take those chances. (chances)
It's what leads to romances. (romances)
We need to take those chances. (chances)
This is what they mean by enhances. (enhances)

Please be with me.
You mean much more to me than her or even she.
Please be with me.
I hope I mean much more to you than him or even he.

Please be with me.
I have so much more to offer you have yet to see.
Please be with me.
Your love is the only thing that can set me free.