B.G. - From Da 9th Ward 2 Da 13th lyrics

(Dee Money)
I Got a masta plan 2 get dis money weather i gotta die 4 it weather I hustle on da block i stay real wit it from dat 9th ward dat c.t.c. 2 dat 13th vl bgizzle & dee money chopper city 2 we fall r.i.p. soulja slim magnolia's finest when i pull up in lac girl call me ya hinest cause i'm a real nigga posted on da block new orleans ya heard chopper city 13 shots.

Ya'll niggaz must don't know dat i keep it real cause when i'm posted on da corner niggaz know's da deal got dat 44 on my lap new orleans ya heard me if
u smart you'll stay strapped a real nigga be ready 4 da future ahead a real nigga stay posted on da block and he neva scared bgizzle a real nigga bgizzle a hot boy bgizzle is da nigga dat run da block boy i might of got shot might've been in da penatatry from da 9th ward 2 da 13 best believe they gon feel a hot shot nigga da stays on solid ground born in new orleans louisiana uptown nigga.
(Dee Money)
Been on da move look like i been poppin viagra da same type a nigga dat make these girls shiver up in they bladder i'm dat same type a nigga dat
rock wit chopper city me bgizzle hakizzle gar and my nigga sniper we be pulling trigga bullets running faster then a viper i stick and move get in da whip come at my connect again move on chrome feet when i move on solid tension cold blooded nigga make these hataz pay attention 2 these cool hearted rhymes got me callin in collect i'm from da 9th ward nigga mayne wat u expect.
I'm on da grind move til i can't no mo pull up in a whip rollin on dubs 4 sho da type a nigga dat got da game on lock da same type a nigga dat keeps
a glock,yo dee.
(Dee Money Bridge)
from dat 9th ward 2 da 13th we straight thuggin fo sho keep it gangsta 2 u niggaz don't want no mo.
form dat 9th ward 2 da 13th we straight thuggin fo sho keep it gangsta 2 u
niggaz don't want no mo
Cause Dis Chopper City