Azad Right - I'll Be Around (2011)

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Azad Right - I'll Be Around lyrics

Groovin', I'm vibin
Cruisin, yeah I'm ridin
Through my city, betta get your hands high and
Keep your head bobbin', homie I'm a problem

I'mma really be there for the people that support me
Still come around and smoke diesel with the homies
Yeah, I'll still get it in the club
Except this time, we'll sippin' on bub, uh

When I said I'd make it, they all trusted me
They was patient, now we living lovely
Gettin' wasted, I'm so gone
But I'm with the homies, I ain't on my own

About to hit the beach, in the heat
With my team in the streets, gettin' briefs
And we running game like we back in '08
The only difference is that our money so straight, AZ, what up

My girl said I don't see her no more
She be saying bullshit like I don't need her no more
When she know that ain't true but it get on my nerves
So I, had to go and put that shit in a verse

Tripping out cause I got a little money
But I told you I'll still be around
I'm the same kid from high school that was funny
And I still keep it oh so real for my town

Yeah I'm in the game, but I don't do blow
And nah I never change, homie I just grow
Ya'll stay the same, that's why you broke
Me getting paid, should provide you hope but it don't

And shit, I don't get it
They try to bring me down, but I won't give in
You should be proud of what I've done, I succeeded
Look at how far I've come by believing, yeah