Axum - High School Dedication lyrics

Another has-to-be is all you ever saw in me
A misfit with a punk-ass haircut
Cramping up your style
I've had it capped inside me
Knowing that next time that we'd meet
I'd be looking down upon you
You'd be standing under me

It's like an act, you see
A game where we play make believe
You always knew just how much strength
And what to do to use it
I watched the agony of everyone you tortured
With your condescending attitude
And fancy little jeep

I dedicate this tune to most of you from my high school
Who helped to bring me down when I would rise
Thanks all you sluts and whores
And stupid little whitehat bores
I truly hope you get what you deserve

Add up the IQ's
Get a plethora of loosened screws
And those are just the ones they didn't use
Man how I'd fantasize
The day when we would switch the sides
I must say that I rather like this view