Axel Rudi Pell - The Curse Of The Damned lyrics

1. Verse:
Still searching for our way, our way through the dark
mountains we left behind, the fire and it's spark
fighting the spell, drowning coins into the wishing well
dreams turned to nightmares and heaven turned to hell

2. Verse:
We sailed across the seven seas, lighting candles in the wind
moving on to the midnight sun, rising up again
the twisting and swirling, we're losing ground, running out of time
The execution of your mind sent shivers down your spine

(They're) cursed by the spell
and turned into fallen angels
they're going through hell
a howl in the night
they're tolling the bell
hiding (their) faces in the darkness
unhallowed is the sinner, holy is the saint
it's the curse of the damned

3. Verse:
Something's in the air, told us to beware
the rain kept on falling and the evil's not to spare
believing the charm, the sword and the gun, seeing cracks in the wall
facing the mask of the devil, carved into stone

Chorus ad-libs:
They're cursed by the spell...
and turned into fallen angels...
the curse of the damned...
destination nowhere...
unholy nights...will the ever survive...
the curse of the damned...
they turned into fallen angels...
and went through hell...
the curse of the damned...
the curse of the damned...
Ohh ho ho...
Ohh ho ho..