Avienne - Soaring lyrics

A quiet plea to an empty soul
Is calling out for me to come home
And as I sink it's growing loud
Tonight I'm coming home on a cloud

Chorus 2x:
I'm gonna soar into the air,
And I'm gonna leave every care
Yeah, I'm soaring

I want to shout this glorious day!
Because my friends, I've found the way
I'm finally done asking "Why?"
I'm gonna spread my wings and learn to fly

(Chorus 2x)

The mountain ain't so high
Nor the valley low
And I think it's time
I climbed it
I've found a light so true
And it's time to go
Into the world and shine it
And if you want to fly
It's the only way
And I think it's time
For me to come on home

I'm coming home
Come along too, I'll fly with you

(Chorus 2x)