Autumn Rhodes - Music In Arabic lyrics

I'm your next one night stand,

And you're simply my biggest regret.

Striving for sympathy, and scared to connect.

I heard about your triple threat,

and all of the secrets that you kept

You made your own death bed,

Now sleep in it

You shut your eyes

But kept your mouth open wide

You're only fighting with, your own pride

And You refuse to apologize

For saying how you feel inside

Every face, was another remain that disappeared with the blink of an eye

and you were saying all the right lies

DOn't talk kill the lights

But the painted pavement got your way tonight,

got your way tonight

And you convinced me I could fly

Just to watch me fall

You were never one to kiss and tell,

But it hurts to hear from someone else

And just waiting for the right time,

anticipating your every line

Can't you see that it hurts to breath

so i hold my breath until i die

In the most simplistic sigh

one certain we save my.. life.