Aurorealis - She Wasn't There lyrics

I decided to look all around
She wasn't there.
I searched in the sky and on the ground.
She wasn't there.
I thought I found her in my mind.
She wasn't there
The one I knew that was so kind.
She wasn't there.

I see not what I got
As I fall back on the floor
I got lost, at any cost
Now I can't find her anymore
From the day that I first saw her face
Till the day she cut her hair
I thought I found that holy place...
But she wasn't there.

My vision faded as I cried
She wasn't there
Her figure distorted as her memory died
Without a care.

I never wanted to cause any pain.
Because I cared.
But all I got was left out in the rain.
She wasn't there.

We all need something
In this world
Too keep us going
As the years are unfurled
But we're all deceived
And so it goes.
The poets sing "Time heals all things"
But it seems so long ago.

The memories and the feelings are all gone.
They're just not there.
And I now I must tell myself that it's time now to move on.
She wasn't there.