Aurora Falls - Bandages lyrics

Wont you call me out? Im a liar and a sinner, a horrible beginner. Cant you help me out? Because i cant see past those crimes, the polish has lost its shine. I need those blue eyes to fill my lungs with the sweetest summer air. Constructing monuments carved by my tongue with every single stare. This bitter sunrise has me shaking my head wrap your arms like bandages around my neck.

Sweetheart im a mess, winter lives in my bones, and im not dressed for this. It harbors and calls me home. And i will just move slowly hoping this cant hold me down.

I swear to god this will be the death of me, I love you Tigerlily. Princess its not your fault, rest your tired eyes girl its my own. This is a cause of my imagination and my selfishness that could overwhelm the nation in one night.

your the medic and im the monster.

Those blue eyes fill my lungs i need the medic