August - Hearts Will Be Breakin lyrics

oh yeah aha no no

they never thought she was worth it
they never did believe
they didn't think ...
to be treated like a queen see ..all crazy
'cause you're sitting on top of the world
i know they feel it baby now that you're my girl.

you know hearts will be breakin'
'cause you're no more ..takin'
it's a cryin' .. they all miss the chances
but now when they're askin' you know just what to say.
go and tell em stop it, stop it, stop it
keep the hands to themselves
girl you ..the market, market, market,

you don't want nobody else.
me, baby i promise i'll love you
and i won't put nobody above you
so tell them boy stop it, stop it, stop it
girl you .. the market, market, market ohh.

this now everybody know about you
but they was trigger shy
i had my sights sad without you
i picture right of the sky
it's such a miracle to know i never fell in love
and i tell you all the time now that you're mine, oh girl.