Audra Mae - Snakebite lyrics

I heard about the venom
At a broke down five and dime,
The rain cried down the windows
Just like those tears of mine,
Just then a gray haired woman
Sat down right next to me
Cause she heard me cryin'.
Looked in my eyes and said,
"Baby I got what you need.

You need the snake bite.
You got to get that venom
In your veins and come alive.
I know just what you go through
Every day; that pain inside.
But I can make it right
With the snake bite.

She handed me a map with streets
I said I’d never seen and she told me,
"My friend, this town has secrets
Darker than you could ever dream."
I went to some back alley
Behind a liquor store.
If someone had told me
How tight it would hold me,
I never would’ve opened the door.

My mama told me, "Baby be wary of
Evil ones who want to ensnare
The heavy hearted into their webs
And feed upon their souls".
Oh, Mama, I hope you never know.

It hasn’t been a year, now
And all my hair is gray.
You know, it's funny but
I don’t remember my own name.
I'd go and hurt that woman
Who put this pain in me,
But my heart is weak.
It wants that venom.
She comes around cause she knows

Oh, I got the snake bite.