Audiopain - Stench Of Paradise lyrics

The stench of paradise
To fill your shell
Increasing servitude your guiding light

Hide behind your savior
Embrace the shallow ways
Cover your eyes so empty
It's the way it must be

Memorize the empty eyed
Silken words to cover lies
Human trash to feed your pride
Cursed mastery

Let the stench of paradise
Fill their hollow shells
Recite your empty words
It's the way it must be

Merciless menticide merciless paradise

Stand before your shattered light
To be judged or washed away


Defile to redefine
Throing minds to fit your needs
Like a plague! Your empty words
Arrogance exalts your self

Meet your god and meet your doom
Giving back what you gave away
Feel the stench of paradise
It's the way it must be