Auburn Veil - Sunrise lyrics

Sunrise meets my restless eyes,
Falling far above a sea, Of reckoning,
A face,
Familiar names echo,

Introduce a breeze of pleasure,
Unfold the truth,
Veiling a past,
Only found in pictures now,
I remember her beauty in a blaze,
Thoughts and dreams,
Ghosts in the wind of change,

A solemn prayer to heal my many losses,
Is prayed one thousand times,
Eyes so dry,
From missing you my dear,
From missing you,

The unseen won't bother me,
She loses me again,

Now I stand not knowing what I am,
Or who I'll be...
So I will stand until die alone,
Until I die alone,
Until I die alone (You're gonna die alone),

Now I'm standing on a grave,
And I'm standing all alone
I'm standing on a grave of sadness,
And I can't erase the things I've done to you my dear

I can't erase these things
I can't erase the past
I can't erase these things
I can't erase the past, my dear