Attention System - Alibi (For A Paranoid Existence) lyrics

Alibi (For a Paranoid Existence)

He’s been caught in the camera’s eye
And his hands are finger printed lies
As his thoughts and his time are in a conversation’s bind
And his past and his fears are always slowly creeping, creeping up from behind
Have you lost your mind?

He’s like a convict but innocent
He needs an alibi that is relevant
He’s got a conflict, not evidence
He needs an alibi

But now he’s growing paralyzed
As his words are slowly burning ties
He needs help, he needs lies, he needs more than camera time
And his luck and lost finds are only barely keeping, keeping himself alive
Have you lost your mind?

He needs an alibi for a paranoid
Body’s shifting, haunting whispers
and paranoia
His mind won’t let him go