Attack Slug - So Lazy lyrics

man, don't you know that i'm lazy
don't you know i'm insane?
don't you know that i'm lazy, so lazy lazy man

and i wake up about a quarter to twelve
get my socks on while i just talk to myself
hop on my box and surf the web for a spell
and it's about this time i realize that i kinda smell
oh well, guess i'll grab a quick shower
tummy starts to rumble and growl like bowser
stack some more dirty dishes all up on the counter
then i need a nap for about another hour
i live my life on a tape delay
seven seconds for my brain to tell my mouth what to say
not that it dimishes the meanings that they weigh
and i barely finish any of games that i play
anyway, now it's late afternoon
and i coulda sworn i finished all these tracks back in june
instead i'm distracted by theses eps of SVU
another wasted day that i soon will bid adieu

and i'm devoted to the latter half of my name sake
any activity is givin me the same ache
no tps reports, well you better blame quake
lazier than me i'm proclaimin you're a lame fake
blame me cause i'm slower than tree sap
if i ran the mafia nobody would get knee-capped
instead the punishement would be to run 3 laps
this is probably the laziest i ever have rapped
oh snap, i'll always be the last picked
life is a marathon and i'm gettin my ass kicked
never get it on with any of the cute fast chicks
never make beats as long as i got soundclick
and i, don't know what i will do
when i, run out of words i can use
so i, will be a little obstuse
and try, not to re-use-use-use