Attack Slug - Insanity lyrics

[feat KABUTO]

monstrous, i'm comin up from loch ness
entertaining you tonight
so call me john tesh
refresh, hit ya RSS
just watch me as i syndicate success
so fresh, XML up in the audio
dont forget the text up in the though
good to go, like a hooker on prom night
crazy like moe, bring a monkey to a knife fight
up up down down left right left right
lets go down town arcade third strike
ignite, so bright, 2D, parry
prefer those sprites, alright Chun-Li
that's me with the feet up in yo face
erase the score, replaced the paper chase
with Cubivore. like i told you before
play the obscure if you're motherfuckin hardcore
don't you know that i'll rip you like Rifftrax
spittin so foul people are givin me tictacs
it's that, piracy of sick tracks
check my bounty, i'm rollin with the strawhats
3 minutes to rumble like Chopper
hearts break, call me the show stoppa
touch my swingline, i might have to drop ya
right across the dome with a blue rickenbacker

humanity, is not ready for change
morality, has slowly been deranged
but reality, will always be the same
so insanity, is what's changing the game

kabuto pack c-4 in a backpack with a fat sack hit you with a blackjack while you
fappin at your mac i'll buck you with a black mac chewin on a big mac, cop another big stack
and yall mafukkas still sipping on similac
kabuto gas-brake bumping front (front) back (back)
side to side, yeah try to hide, i'm sippin on tide as i key your ride
(no blasters, no blasters) request denied, but i handle my beef, we can take it outside
don't mean to deride but it's high time you died, this is pure inanity, you can see it in my 9 eyes

drain your life bar, and take your last breath
if you were a 360? i'm the red ring of death
kickin so hard they call me Red Leg Zeff
that's right, the head chef
dead set to be a major threat
you see my silhouette
and flee the internet
ohhhh no sweat, i seize the coronet
i see and raise the bet
i'm leavin you in debt soooo
yo man i'm sicker than 4chan
7chan, 2chan... 711chan
12chan? FBI party van!
/b/ is not your personal army
do you understand?
hell bent on making the ascent
i'd like to pay the rent making questionable content
to host your stupid youtube comments
i'm stopping your motion like wallace and grommit