Attack Slug - Backlog lyrics

games (video games)
yeah you got your wish
buy the newest ish (buy the newest shit)
better check yo wrist
cause you'll never finish

beat 2 games but here's 99
and thats just fine but i'm running out of time
need some cheese cause i'm running out of whine
need some green increase the bottom line
whats this? did you see that shit?
5 more games added onto my list
AAA ish so you know i can't skip
add that weight onto this sinking ship
it's an RPG, only 6 discs
80 hours? oh god my wrists
collect-a-thons that i know i missed
skipped the cut scenes but i got the jist
halfway through predictable plot twist
almost end game so i gotta persist
save the princess, and all i'm gettin is a kiss?
cliffhanger ending, i'm a little bit pissed

all the money in the world increases the addiction
on the GRIND every day with real life is causin friction
works of fiction come to play so i gotta shun reality
a little while longer until its overpowering
it's the powers that be that say
gotta give up all these games i play
"live a normal life, fuck the wife, then hit the hay"
but it's obvious to me i'm gonna save the world in dissaray
because it isn't everyday that you get extolled
by some meager peasants just for beating up some trolls
but it's my goal to get this backlog down
into the single digits, before the reaper comes around
sound of the start screen and thats my signal
interrupt me now, and i'm pullin lou ferrigno's
got my Wii on, and the Mii's are gonna mingle
with my disposition and addiction you still wonder why i'm single?

what i receive is piracy
so dump the roms thats fine with me
yes i keep it deliberate
this is my world ya'll just live in it
gettin it for free but can i finish it
dont mean much to me, now you ain't sayin shit
the good fight's, a lost war
we know what goes on right behind closed doors
copied that floppy, i made another four
framerate's kinda choppy, i'm hungry for more
i got stacks of CDR's
makin new deals like FDR
by far, its a surreal display
half of this shit i ain't even played hey
i'm gonna stay, so excited
rockin these games till i get arthritis

yeah, ya'll motherfuckers know what time it is
it's for US. take that shit you bought 6 months ago out the plastic
get your ass on the start screen it'll be fantastic