Atom Tha Immortal - The Essential lyrics

The only thing going "bling-bling"
When I defeat you weak kings
Is the sound of the bell at the side of the ring
Bringing the legendary
Strike men
The Mighty mythical
Titan with tight lyricals
The principles that I'm built upon
Will dominate your thought
And leave my song standing longer than the Parthenon
Revolutionary Renaissance
Moving the masses
From military to mic clashes
Class is in a session of regression
Mentioning words to smite you
I could rip your rhyme with a haiku
Because I don't like you
Or what you're doing
I'm on the mic
In your face, ready to ruin
Like city states of ancient humans
Or like a statue of Stalin after the fall of the Soviet Union
Moving in
And taking over
Atom rocks with thoughts
That blows up spots like Supernova

Prepare, for me to dominate your mentals
"If you feel I disrespected you, good, I meant to"
Who needs a rhyme
I can beat your crew with instrumentals
"If you feel I disrespected you, good, I meant to"
Saw me once, saw me again got your pistol
"If you feel I disrespected you, good, I meant to"
Atom'll rip a rhyme, and devastate a mind with 3 lines
That's the Essential
"If you feel I disrespected you, good, I meant to"

How do I have it?
I'm potentially the illest lyricist upon the planet
I take it for granted that I
Could rock your show single handed

You've been abandoned
To my consortium
MCs I be warning them
That I'm
A philosophical historian
Who orders men
Like Julius Caesar seizing control of the Praetorium
... A gladiator on mics
I'm known to strike like a Hittite
Fighting an Anakite
Mic demagogue
The artist with heart darkness
I ain't a democrat
I'm a straight up monarchist
Hostile takeover
Like the colonists did to Americas
Consolidating your urban areas
For those feeling that what I said offends you
If you feel I disrespected you, good, I meant to


To the punk MC
Spitting vanity
Claiming he can handle my mic mastery
Nigga, you couldn't handle half of me
It's sad to see
A wack MC that still raps
MCs are like women
They're all thinking they're fat
When in fact they're not
But that's aight
I'ma keep mine tight
And let you know tonight
That on a PH-scale
We got opposites of lyrics
Your style's "basic" while my rhyme remains "acidic"
Storing energy in my lyrics like photosynthesis
Before the first fossilized Australopithecus
I write tight with mic inferences
Invincible before the due time
Like Two Witnesses
The difference is we're unequal
Nigga, you couldn't get signed if you talked to deaf people
I'm better on the mic
Say it ain't true
Ain't saying I'm the best
I just said I'm better than you.

(Chorus x2)