Atom Tha Immortal - Endor lyrics

Holy Mystery/
Violent exorcisms mark dark paths not wandered/
Pondered upon/
Conquered land/
Iron Hand/
Rule with the scepter/
Prophecies, he's spoken/
From the sleep of death, by the Son of Man/
Coming to establish His reign,
And rule land/
Wage war/
Incarnation of the one/
God manifested by the prescence of his Son/
Heavenly domains/
My territory remains/
In Palestine, where the children of Zion reclaim/
What's rightfully theirs,
Heirs to the Promise/
So once we take hold, watch the future unfold/
You've been told, what to expect,
when I finish my rhyme/
You get your mic back in pieces/
I praised Jesus, since the days of Ulysses,
Homer and "Odyssey"/
You don't want to be the kid catching a lobotomy/
From the pipe-bomb I constructed in Vietnam/
You couldn't cut me if your first name was Obi-Wan/
Little rookie/
It took me time to rhyme fine/
Like a Wookie, I'll pull both your arms off of your spine/
Blind design/
Or the omnipotent Mind/
The Big Bang, or the Living God giving a sign/
That's the question I ask you/
What's more logical,
Information causing creation, or the impossible?/
If Darwinistic theory is sound,
Then why haven't any transitional forms been found?/
Between the major families of organisms/
Connecting links are still missing/
This is Darwinistic religion/
They have their freedom to it/
But I'm about to do it/
Shape-shifting, turning my body into water fluid/
To strike down and wreck shop, stop your jocking/
Or I'll cut your leg off at the Hip,
And leave you Hopping.

Endor land of my birth and conception/
Home of the brave, pass a mic, I'mma bless it/
Endor land of my birth and conception/
Hand me the mic I'mma use it as a weapon/
Endor land of my birth and conception/
Home of the brave, pass the mic, I'mma bless it/
Endor land of my birth and conception/
Hand me the mic, I'm gonna wreck it/

Sith carnivore/
Instructed since the age of four/
Within the temple,
Using the force to fight war/
War organism/
Physical skills displayed/
I slayed enemies with Jedi arts and light blades/
Elevated thoughts/
On the fourth dimension of space/
Time is stopped,
In eternity/
You know the struggle I'm in,
Killing the flesh, crucifying myself to end sin/
You can't win in battling, so why try/
The death of a thousand mic-wounds you might die/
So you ask when did I/
Begin to exist,
With hypothetical, metaphysical rhyme synthesis/
Let you know who this is/
Darth Atom on the Mic/
Rhyming's my warhead,
Phat beats I ignite/
What I write, legendary and tight/
Might delight,
The mind searching heavenly texts for insight/
I'm travelling to Mount Zion/
The Jedi/
Don't test the best guy/
Oh you think you're fly?/
You better leave that mic alone/
Before I smash you, like Samson fighting with jaw bones