Atom Tha Immortal - Apocalypse Thought lyrics

Energetically I strive/
To live/
What I poetically deliver/
Leaving your brain waves in mental rivers/
Of Abundance/
Logic encompasses my thought/
Reign supreme/
In philosophical wars fought/
Leaving unscathed/
I reach the unsaved/
I preach and teach/
With punchlines, and dope rhymes/
Mental fire starter/
Pouring out lines like Holy Water/
In this rap Crusade you'll be a martyr/
You better try harder/
If you want to touch this/
Cause I rip MCs with power like Caesar Augustus/
I thrust this/
Sword into your chest/
You'll be leaving my sight/
Yeshua now confessed/
As your Savior/
You'll be like Saul turning to Paul/
Either that/
Or you'll get cut in half like Darth Maul/
Verbal fury is my vengeance/
Grab mics and rock them/
Keep mental razor sharp like Occam/
Doing experiments in space/
The only one who's been disqualified/
From running in the Human Race/
Because I frighten with what I'm writing/
Or it can be because I am half-man and half-titan/

Simplicity of my theory/
Revolutionary thought/
I make you brain get hot/
With fire from my ideologies/
And my philosophies/
The MC, who's escaped from the cave of Socrates/

I battle dragons/
And wrestle with fallen angels/
A character in G-d's imagination/
I'm tracing/
My geneology back to Aragon in Spain/
My mic's like a battle axe/
Swinging it bringing pain/
Revealing things/
From an unseen King/
I travel mentally into the realm of G-d/
..Transfiguration into the G-d matrix/
I'd even take mics from the end of Eurythmics/


I tear mountains/
And I shatter them to pieces/
You spar with my gladiator type thesis/
I never ceases/
To amaze the masses/
I devastate/
Verbal thunderclaps emanate/
Collapse windpipes/
My throat releases hurricanes/
Cause disaster/
Shouldn't have stepped to Mic master/
Physical smasher/
I shatter bodies like they're plaster/
..Falling to the floor/
Chemical war/
Are you prepared?/
The second coming of G-d is soon/
Spit typhoons/
I got more (w)raps than a battle wound/
You're doomed son/
From my lyrical rail gun/
The rap sniper/
Hypnotizing like the Pied Piper/
Hyper viper/
Delighting in mesmerizing/
Exciting, but never biting/
Verbal fighting/
Exercising exorcisms of my lyricism/
In ancient writing/
Better known as Atom tha Titan/
My exoskeleton surrounds me/
Crown found on mythical ground/
My sound pounds thee/
I reign on Spiritual, Biblical, Lyrical/
Mic terrorist/
I transcend even the Transcendentalists/
The poison kiss/
Spitting venom when I rap/
Enters into your skin/
Neurological attack/
Where's you cream black?/
I react with lyrical facts/
Causing miracles/
Like Rasputin healing hemophiliacs.