Ataris - Kristine's A Punk lyrics

Kristine's a punk
Always tuck in all her junk, oh oh
All her friends are rock stars
And she'll be sure to let you know
Dropped out of school
Everyone thinks she's so f**king cool
In her leather jacket and a stolen pair of chucks
Let's all sing along
You know you can't go wrong
When you're with Kristine
You feel like you belong

Kristine was square
Til she let her boyfriend dye her hair
And she quit her job so she could go and see the Queers
Kristine can't cope
Everyone says she's screwed up on dope
But you know she's straight edge 'cause that's a
cool thing to be



Let's all sing along
To with punk rock song
When I'm with Kristine
I feel like I belong
Yeah, right