At The Lake - Wolf's Heart lyrics

I was born and raised by Wolf Mother
My brothers and sisters knew me as their own
I was casting in their lot with them
I've never thought that I'm different

One evening we're laying in our home
Suddenly some voice sowed fear's seed in our hearts
Wolf Mother said to us: "we must escape"
we set off running through night's forest

My wild heart was feeling silence's tremble
touching eternity with this dark escape
The Moon was our guide, stars our torches
We were searching for a safer place
We were searching for a safer place

After not a long time of our run
I felt that my strength was near to end
I saw an ominous shadow behind us
"Don't look back! keep running!" they screamed to me
But inside I knew that I was too weak
"I don't want to give up, but I can't go on!"
Wolf Mother stopped and looked into my eyes
"Run as fast as you can - it's a man!"

In this moment I saw a creature like me
In this while I understood where I came from
I was torn apart between two worlds
The forest was my home but not my nature

Suddenly a Man held up a strange staff
Set it to his eye and turned to my mother
I didn't have time to scream 'cause it
Painful howl broke the silence and disappeared

Now I am howling to stars and moon
asking why they didn't guide us to a safe place
I lost what was dearest for me
Friendship and great love of Wolf's heart
Friendship and great love of Wolf's heart