Assailant - Buried Alive lyrics

A distant thunder on the horizon
Deafens my ears and lightning blinds my eyes
I am dazed and confused
A stirring rage is building inside
With all my fears and wakes my soul
I'm falling from grace in resolution
I walk away from all I hold dear
And I will never get away from this feeling
I'm caged for eternity

I fight, to crawl up from this tomb of imperfection
I'll die, before I get buried again, within myself

No peace in this storm, I'm breaking the silence
All of these feelings made realize that the failures
Ive been through are all but lies
I have fallen from grace but I'm here to reclaim
All of those things that I've feared
And I will take revenge on that feeling
I've been caged for eternity

I fight, to beat this world of imperfection
Гll die, before I'm buried again
Six feet deep