Asking For The World - Just Watch For The Swan Dive lyrics

...and i can't help but think we're gonna make it on a carousel.
slick thinks that nothing's gonna stop us now.
whatever way our caesar falls will set the scene.
serene. the heart machine, its valves can't ever catch on fire.
taking air in took the error out of our knives,
so carve these words into the sky:

"if we ever try too hard, we'll get back where we started and surrender our lives. just watch for the swan dive and you'll know tonight is monday night and we're coming home."

dance, or we'll grab that lapel and choke off your air supply so you'll never say 'love' again.
tilt your head back, fix you collar so you look good for the band and think about how much you love this one.

nowhere near as much as we do, and we'll keep going until we're playing on a rooftop under flood lights.
when the rooftop collapses, you think that we would too,
but we have our own parachutes.
the air slices our faces.
as we sail away, mike says 'man, that was great'
and the credits fade out with a sentimental song and dance,
or you know what will follow next.