Ashes To Embers - Die Powerhouse Die lyrics

And all this time ive waited for you sign
Decending down from purifying skies
Will you sit and wait
or live it up on your terms
The devil waits for idle palms
Will you let them burn
Is the question now posed
Those bloody fist dig deeper young thorns
Be not enslaved by words
But persure the facts
Emancipation will come swiftly
The fairy tale is dead
Send away
Send away lies for a dying race
Send away
Send away and steal our human space
With so much to say about the rest of mankind
youd think hed make some kind of sense just in time
Make holy your sabbath controlling the masses
that make up human, desire, and life
knee deep in the blood
of immaculate virgin conception we say
heretic in shame hipocrite
what was that word crucifix