Ash K - Versace (Freestyle) (2013)

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Ash K - Versace (Freestyle) lyrics

Versace (2x)
Madus head on me like I'm luminati
I'm on a whole other level right now, so please do not bother me
Heey Hoooes I see that yall watching me
I know that my tweets are not profit
But bro why the F* are you twatching me
I get so mad when people be like did you really write this ?
Is Jay-z with B, Is Kanye with Kim, Is Jada with Will Smith
My flow is so cold When I drop a verse it should come with some thera-flu
A scarf and some gloves, a mink, ear muffs, And 2 pairs of Ugg boots
Versace (2x)
The team that surround me say that im a professionist
I just catch every mistake...
I guess you can call me a pessimist
Byee boo , yall needa fall and get my dick
Im coming up put that in yo group chat
Versace Versace
Shout out to my team and they no who they be
Im bout to put on for my city & i promise and No one can stop me
Versace Versace 10X