Article 1 - A New Life lyrics

I've come to you for help
It seems my life, is gonna change and I wish that I
Hadn't thought about myself
So hard to face it, it would be so easy so run away
Pretend she didn't tell me
Pretend I didn't hear
She'll get by and I wouldn't sleep at night
When she looks me in the eyes
She needs me to be the man that I'm scared to be

What's been done is done
And all that's left is what's to come
No time to be afraid
`Cause I'm the only one to blame
What I've got to do will take a man to realize
I'm not ready oh no,
For a New Life

You know I used to think that I
Would live my life, without a care ten feet from the ground
You know it's easy when you're young
To live for today, and not think
About the times ahead


It all comes down to me
If I stay or go
She's waited far too long
And now she needs to know
Can I leave it?
Can I leave her?
Can I save her?
Oh no, it's to late