Arthur Crudup - Death Valley Blues (2003)

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Arthur Crudup - Death Valley Blues lyrics

I went down in Death Valley
Among the tombstones and dry bones

That's where poor me will be
Lord when I'm dead and gone

Now if I should die
I should die before my time

I want you to bury my body
Down by that Frisco line

Now bury me mama
Low down in the sand

Now bury me mama
Where I won't bother your next old man

Oh bye bye baby
I said goodbye

Death Valley is my home
Mama I want to die

Tell all the women
Please come dressed in red

They going down Sixty‑One Highway
That's where the poor boy he fell dead

Wear your patent leather slippers
Mama put out your morning gown

You going to follow poor Crudup
Down to his burying ground