Art Rush - Did You Know lyrics

performed by Lucas Stanton in the character of The Unknown Soldier

Good evening fellow slammers.
My name is the Unknown Soldier. You can check out my Facebook page on "The Unknown Soldier Sydney" Um, so I'm here to read to you today a poem I did called 'Did You Know', and, well-- you're about to know.

Did you know that President Bush blew up the World Trade?
Did you know the moon landing was fake?
In Japan, there was actually no earthquake.
The government's always to blame;
They started AIDS, they spread the lies
They want our brains, control our lives

Did you know that TV rays can infiltrate your brain?
Messages sent to you to keep you in your place
Did you know that the Illuminati control the entire globe?
Conspire round the fire and chant and sing and moan
So - Did you know - They put brainwashing syrup in the water?
Disguise it as fluoride for all your sons and daughters.

They have technology from alien life
Secret labs and secret lives
Secret men who stalk at night
And creep and watch
They're watching you!
The CC-TV zoo got you in on zoom.

Every step, every minute
You do not know.

Did you know-- there is no moon
Did you know-- the world ends soon
Did you ever stop to think we're being made their slaves?
One day they will all see anarchy will be the way

Did you know the Holocaust never occurred?
The death camps were actually quite nice
What they told you was absurd.

Did you know that Jesus rose again?
They got him locked up in hush
Guarded by two men.

Did you know that money isn't real?
It's all a game and we're all being played
Beat down by the shield.

The land where crooked cops beat the innocent skulls for no reason or mercy
Brutal murders-- brutal--
A land where crooked cops beat innocent skulls for no reason or mercy
Brutal murderers set free
Oh, how our people are hurting

Beat down by belligerent lies
Beat down, beat down
Beat down.

A world hungry for our blood and money and souls
We get nothing till we're old
Slaves! To a beating drum.
Slaves! Till we're dead and none.

Rise we say! Rise I say.
Did you know we'll rule the day

Viva La Free World.

Anarchy rules.

Thank you.