Ars Macabra - A Recollection Of The World Once Called Earth lyrics

A new endless day opens before me.
Once again I'm here to brood over
What it was that made me change my mind.
And soon it strikes me, sweet sourness of a bitter thought.
For whom, for what ...I made it all?
For whom, for what....I chose to change...the rules
For once.
Freedom should have been and freedom was
Full accessibility and a right to dispose.
A part of my sovereignty I entrusted
To the tiny striving creature
That I made to a new emperor
Emperor of toil
King of sufferings
Monarch of guinea-pigs.
A test I carried out with you
But something didn't work.

I strive to remember
A breaking dawn...broken down.
In my blurred mind
Images alternate with sounds.
My eyes closing, I wonder
What once was and now is missing.
What I wish stays...and I wish restlessly
Created -consumed-replaced
I do and undo.
Trying to remember (but it's too boring, too trivial)
If I had a goal (and that alone still bothers me).
A huge yawn swallowed the trick of a bastard maker.
I can be accused of one thing alone: of playing eternally.
Since eternal I am and eternal is what I make
If I want.

A tricky demiurge
That's what I am
A flawed race
That's what it was.
"Mankind" and "Earth" were the names I made up.
Time for another game to play
Time for another game to play!