Arrah And The Ferns - Emo Philips lyrics

OMG! He broke up with me!

Now I hate the world,

and I hate you too, she said.

OMG! Tell me who's that girl

on his myspace?

I think I'll kill myself, she said.

Nobody likes an Angry Angelina!

Nobody likes to hang around a Crabby Christina!

You'll never forget all your problems

if you use hate to resolve them.

You have to let it go

and think of all the good things coming!

OMG! Did you look outside?

I can't believe it's snowing!

Now I really effin' hate my life, she said.

OMG! I have no Valentine!

'Cause nobody loves me!

And nobody gives a shit, she said.

You have to be like a Jolly Josephina!

Everybody loves you when you are a Happy Henrietta!

You have to realize that you can make it better.

Who cares about the weather

when you know it's going to change tomorrow?

Bratty Brenda, Mean Melissa,

Why you gotta be so mean?

Jealous Jody, Catty Cathy,

We don't want you on our team!

Too Cool Carol, Sour Sarah,

Why you gotta be so snotty?

Hateful Heather, Bully Brittney,

We don't want you at our party!