Army Of The Pharaohs - Tear It Down lyrics

(Intro: Reef The Lost Cause)
Yeah...this is where I talk shit (Yeah nigga, talk shit!)
AOTP...Lost Cauze, my man Planetary
What up, Crypt? Yeah
Vinnie Paz
All this shit probably gettin' CUT! Yeah!

"Step through the door, tore the shit off the hinges" -(sampled from "Stand Up" by M.O.P.)

(Verse 1: Reef The Lost Cauze)
Yo, this young buck rowdy, my gun buck loudly
When I was a pup, they had me locked up down in Buck's County
But I beat that wrap, you never catch me on a beat that's wack
I can't eat like that
Reef that cat who cock back, let the Desert hit you
When you thought I was just talkin' shit like Freddie Mitchell
You ain't ready, is you? I invest into every pistol
Aim on point like a steady missile
Heavy fiscal, I need that love, hundreds and dubs
Where the weed at? I need that drug, 'cause I'm addicted to it
Rhyme-boxes, start spittin' fluid
When y'all do it, seem don't nobody listen to it
Love from Philly, all the way to kids in Munich
Germany, I murder beats and add the difference to it
Word to Pazienza, smack your men's up, crack your limbs up
And leave you fucked up like a Latin's liver

(Chorus) (x2)
"So listen up"
"They be scrapin' your cantaloupe off the pavement"
"You know we in the place with the guns in our waist"
"Step through the door, tore the shit off the hinges" -(all sampled from "Stand Up" by M.O.P.)

(Verse 2: Planetary)
This is the start of you dyin', Plan' spit with the heart of a lion
The belt of Orion wrapped around your neck with the iron
Pointed at your fuckin' chest, bitch niggas is cryin'
I'm with Reef The Lost Cauze and we causin' the violence
We causin' the murder that causin' niggaz carryin' burners
We the cause and effect of life, it's hard to observe us
You don't understand, we got the upper hand spittin'
First you need to over-stand, you soft like underhand pitchin'
You could tell I'm a Pun fan when I'm spittin'
Rappers like me are hard to come by, like coppin' Summer Jam tickets
You need to focus before you think to approach us
You scream "player" dog, we the coaches
Too ferocious, bo-guarded, every moment is precious
You niggas is co-starrin', we the stars of this epic
Unveilin' the secret, it's more than fairy tales that we preachin'
This that '94 boom bap shit that we teachin'


(Verse 3: Vinnie Paz)
Cut your head off, guillotine, Henry The 8th style
Y'all remindin' me of Cheddar Bob in 8 Mile
I wanna see everybody in the place wild
Anybody move, buck 'em in they face "Blaow!"
I stay bent daddy, night and day
Show 'em that I care when I send kites to Jay
It ain't nice, but it's right to say
It's real, when the cat gone, mice will play
It's ice today, but tomorrow you breathless
My team is on the same shit like collaborative efforts
We grab at your necklace, there's no other way
We bring it back to the East like we brother Jay
Any fuckin' day, you could come see us
North, South, West Philly, you don't wanna meet us
We some wild Puerto Ricans, Italians, Morenos
Fuck it! Let they brains blow


"They be scrapin' your cantaloupe off the pavement" (x4)