Army Of Linus - One Way Road Sign lyrics

In the future there will be, robot societies.
Your little angels will roam the earth, while giving birth.
Then they will ensue the trends of you, right into
the next Century.

Trees will fall while babies claw there way up dreams to bars.
All that's left are, the sun, moon, and stars.
We've come to aaaaaaa...

One-way road sign on a back road of time.
She's on my mind, a-again.
One-way road sign on the back road of time.
Is it a crime to sin?

Heads in potties, from nights of parties,
time spent with fat old men.
how time flies before you die, comes as a...
comes as a surprise

Holy cows hide milk from outside
where stomachs are sucked in.
and they drive cars fast in the dark.
We've come to aaaaaaaa...