Armando - BP to MIA lyrics

Produced by Q-Rock

Yeah, yeah...
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to a (to a)
The most beautiful show in the dirty dirty south
It's your boy O'Primo, Miami Spice
with.. Sandor, Tomas, the Hungarian Connection

[Chorus x2]
Paris to NY, London to MA, Budapest to LAX
And I'm back (and I'm back) and I'm fly (and I'm fly)
It's a man's world baby and I don't know why [I don't know n***a]

[Verse One]
Get up and get get get down
Guess who's back in your town
The rolling stone is home, only the original
I can not be cloned, I can not be sold
Black gold is in my soul
I can not be no house n***a, but guess who's in the house, n****a
It's me, the MC, move the crowd you can not move me
Most think it's rap, but be like it's your boy
But God damn it's a man's world
So let's seperate the men from the boys
y'all sex machines from the sex toys, I'm next, boys
'cause I rap tight, time to wrap it up tonight
'cause I'll be in Paris Hilton all night
and I mean in Paris at the Hilton all night
'cause I'm on a world tour and I got no awards,
Look out within in a minute, I'll be in it for the family
pass on the war with a whole bunch of grim [got nothing but grim]