Arko I.D. - Held Responsible lyrics

when eyes are deceiving and when are u leaving?
you broke every piece of me
and burned my remains
in every kiss i lost myself
and every i love u i take back
because it was just me being selfish
now i feel like it'd be better if i was locked in a cage
then at least i could be sure to never see your face.
Jealousy you have no idea by how much u overtook me
im always face down and two days away from failure
but everytime i see you and everytime i laugh
i hope you know i'd rather kiss you
and make my many mistakes
i would still die for you
but rite now im dying with out you
i fell apart everytime you let me.....for every mistake i made with you i cant apologize
because before the words left me they would meet regret
and this is the song i thought i'd never write
i cant live without going through this regret
and wishing things could be diferrent
(can they and will my heart ever be unbroken)