Ariel Pink - Let's Build A Campfire There lyrics

Red woods are passing along
When I am closed in the dark
The air is cold and this fresh air's old
Where the flowers, her young heart lands

Let's make a campfire there (x4)

Let's put some wood on the sand
Let's get the twigs in our hands
Those .. times, nature's ..
We just can't compare

Let's build a campfire there (x2)
Let's make a campfire there (x2)

You were sitting by the fire
And I just watched from far away
Something out there made you smile

And the forest was cold,
But my body was warm
It finally felt like this was our home
And right then I ran all the way back
Into your arms

There's love in my heart like a tree
It's here that I long us to be
Your face is so bright,
Like a distant porchlight
For a stranger who's far from home

Here with my face in your hands
Such hesitation inside
Let's make a campfire there (x8)