Arecee - Another Design lyrics

*The final annihilation of the lifeform known as man...let the attack begin*

I wanna haven filled with pavement
And a gravestone without a statement
Other then we've been taken
Our own mistakes have fueled this place
At a pace so fast we took our own race
The interface that was laced from a previous design
Nevermind that it's from our own kind
Defined by machines and mechanics
Zeros and ones program organics
Romantic questions that suggest like a girl undressing
We want progression
There's a section of my head that's infected with Direction
Which only moves forward and hates past lessons
Data at our fingertips and too much to reference
The essence of this place is cold and irreverent
You can't keep it separate but I'm looking for some leverage
Before gasoline replaces water as a beverage
Huddled in the system, no need to worry
Money is essential so get your heart dirty
We're extensions of utensils created in our image
Invented by our own kind to push us to our limits
Minutes turn to seconds and break in other sections
Lapse much faster, closer to rejection
I wanna find perfection, specific with directions
A place uninfected by the ethics of progression

I walk around surroundings compounded artificial
Work my eight hours until they sound the whistle
If we flatten out the forests and build a mass of missiles
We could further evolution and have a field of thistles
My head full of wishes, cookbook type dishes
Keep 'em to myself though, respect for the misses
Recipes delicious and get quite vicious
We call it healthy competition in big business
Don't run with scissors, that's what the teacher taught me
But other kids didn't listen and ain't stopping
Inventions gotten sloppy killing us softly
Fulfill your every dream or maybe clone a copy
Jane told me once nothing's shocking
But Jane had addictions and had gotten cocky
If they wasn't chopping all the wood then I might be knocking
But for now fill your pockets
No match for sheet metal, jagged unsettle
If my flesh were on this level then I'd redefine trouble
If you search through the rubble you'll find it ain't subtle
In the last ten years the progression doubled
I get a clearer type reflection in steel then in puddles
And the breaks squeals and screams strip natures mumbles
We could funnel out the evil in this concrete jungle
But man can't be humbled until machines wanna rumble

*I have lead the entire human race to ruin*

What's sicker, how the screen flickers
Or the fact that it tricks us to see a picture
There's a mixture of street lights amid bigger stars
And the cars keep moving like the stock market ticker
So who's the savior or who do you favor
Miss motherboard or miss mother nature
The vapor from this paper done changed our behavior
Makin' acres of skyscrapers, acres of skyscrapers
*World is man made, can't understand*
How these destructive type tools got put in out hands
We got plans to advance things and take for granted
Until we're left stranded or abandon ship
What's the chance that Uncle Sam has clean hands
Dancin' with name brands and corporate demands
Clammy in my hands thinkin' how we take for granted
*The world is man made* bein' stripped of the organic
See if the water's too cold then they heat it in the city
A freezing blueprint that was bent and it's fitting
Ridding our ingestion and spitting out the pieces
Cruel interpretation created by our species
Beats more mechanical, a sequenced animal
Dismantled into numbers and other midi samples
Opposition is a handful with too much to handle
Tangled in the shambles every angle bein' strangled

*As far as the human race is concerned, we're all starting over*