Archive - Black & Blue (2014)

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Archive - Black & Blue lyrics

Please don't stop me
But go and leave me
You can't keep me ... inside
Please don't stop me
From being so strange
You can't help me
With your lies
Watch me self-destruct

Please don't stop me
Let me loose in the black
You can't touch me
Because I'm not coming back
Please don't watch me
Eyes burn inside
You can't help me
Or even try
Please go and smash me
Break my bones
You capture then leave me
Like a villain alone
Watch me self-destruct

See the light disappear now
Roll it over the black
I've got to disappear now
And I'm never coming back
Let it roll on over
Everything in sight
It's taken out my feelings
And it's fading out the light

Watch me self-destruct (x4)