Archibald Slim - He's Drunk (2015)

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Archibald Slim - He's Drunk lyrics

“We need to eliminate them permanently”
“Is this you talking or the liquor”
“I am the liquor”

All my life been despised a nine to five
All my life been deprived of what i desired
Beat my feet to the street Cop and Flip And Repeat
You don't work you don't eat and bitch im down to grind
You reap what you sow and bitch my dues is paid
While niggas rappin bout imaginary moves they made
And they fake friendships ain no kinship, here
You get robbed by ya homeboy now who’s to blame
Not tryna lose the game im tryna win
Click was thick now the numbers kinda thin
In the in the end had to opt out
Once i saw niggas flaw had to cut niggas off
So the circle just a dot now
Watch out ho cuz im gunning for the top now
Think im bout to stop now
Quicker you get shot down
Not tryna be out here tussling
Dont fuck with the fuckshit im too busy hustling
Im just tryna get paid hollering all about a dollar
Hell i even take change Fuck ya flaw Facade of ballin
Its a god damn shame
For how ya claim to solve ya problem
Youse a god damn lame
And dont want problems to be honest
Dont get caught up in the politics with folks tryna stay positive
If i can't make it rappin ima stay right where the profit is
Tryna change the frequency of when i see deposit slips
If you ain't tryna help me get these dollars
Bitch dont part ya shit

Shut the fuck up