Arcade Fire - Vampire-Forest Fire lyrics

You wanna be set apart?
Burn all of your art
Repair the wasteful part
I'm a vampire in a forest fire

Hey! we all gotta keep warm
Hey! we all gotta keep warm
Driving towards the storm

Your father was a pervert
Face down in the dirt
He taught you how to hurt
My father was a miner who lived in the suburbs
Let's live in the suburbs
If I let where I'm from burn I can never return!

My brother reads you and me his new poetry
How embarrassing
Your sister pours the gasoline

I'll fix your meals
(I'll fix your meals)
I'll fix your meals
(I'll fix your meals)
while your burns heal!

Find a house you don't have to rebuild
Stone by stone, brick by brick, nail by nail my father never meant to leave me this
Meant to leave me this
Let this love last
I drive too fast
Said I'd return if I'd ever cared
But there's no interstate I find to take me there
To take me there