Appease - Stephen lyrics

I'm no different to you,
What separates us is unclear to me,
The boundaries that to some degree need broken.
Maybe ties will be forged instead of friendships ignored,
Confronted by those who think you're a stranger here.

Some spare time away,
Away from the receiving end of things
You say that make me wish this upon on someone else.

And your brandishing words made from pleas I've begged from you,
Casting secrets I thought no body knew,
No body but you.

In full view,
I wanted to escape the patterns emerging from one day to the next,
Back log of these recollections seem too real to forget,
And I can't hold them down the weight's too much to bear.
Except we share the same world and you might live to tell.

What makes you greater than me?
I still intimately praying you'll treat me right, and stop this torment,
I can't hide.

I feel safer knowing I'll never see you again.