Appease - Song 5 lyrics

You wake up to find
It seems so hard to maintain a smile
Your friends have moved away
Your girl doesn't want to stay
Is any of this worth while
There may be blue skies
The sun shines bright
The cool breeze it whispers on those starry nights
Alone in your room right a song or two
To long lost friends this songs for you
I miss my friends
The better part of ones life consists
Of their friendships thats so true
I've got stars in my heart but in my life theres few
I'm sure they've all moved to better places
Have met new friends with happier faces
Do they take the time to see how I am
I am
Watch all the waves run up the sandy shore
Your footprints are still here in the beach floor
Childhood pictures of time well spent
I've lost my friends where have the good times went