Appease - Mid April lyrics

Is it a coincidence
This nights just like the last
I can't look at you without thinking
About my past
I turned up at the door
Not thinking ‘bout whats in store
Nothing seems to happen much anymore
When you said that you knew me
I thought of what, we could be
Staring at the stars underneath an Elm tree
Thats when you started meaning to me
Happy Birthday, I've got you a surprise
I hope you like it and you like me
Even if it is a lie
Is there a chance that you'll be
More than a friend I never see
Said you liked somebody
And that someone wasn't me
Wasn't me, I've been misled
I should've never have listened
To what your friends said
Said you liked me, but did you ever care
It comes as no surprise
When I don't see you there