Appease - Fragrance Of Existence lyrics

Takes a moment take a step away and record all your dreams to restore this feeling of inadequacy and no words could express in codes that I could confess silently.
Gently draw back your eye lids seal shut,
Your home from home
You're worse for wear and these new born eyes are familiar..
It's so crucial to remember never take your life for granted....

Wake up and smell this fragrance of existence lingering from your breath,
Curious to know this game that we all play will end when our dreams have come true.

You know it's been a long time,
When candlelight is so intense it brings tears to your eyes,
But don't despair and don't regret the things you've done,
For we all make mistakes,
This won't be your last one,
Don't think the world's much better if you're gone,
Just find another way to vent yourself...

Vent these thoughts!!

Gently draw back, your eyes lids seal shut,
Your home from home
You're worse for wear,
Rest your doubts it's proving too hard,
Unstable and so unaware that someone's waiting,
One brief thought of starting again, trusting that this hope will never end and I.