Appease - Act Five Scene Three lyrics

Shouldn't have to justify these thoughts that I relay,
Your content with life looking forward to each day,
With every breath you'll find, exhuasted underminded,
This life could be better in my mind,
I shouldn't have to explain,
It's part of growing up,
So you think you know me,
One minute more,
One day less I'll ignore the words of friends that don't understand

Feeling hopeless teary eyed I wake and still trembling as you kiss me on my damp cheek,
We all lose someone can't take this loss.
Good times will never stay,
Put our faith in life and she (life) betrays.
This breeze ignites the problems of my life
Structure of my hope crumbles down,
The ground it melts like times I've felt like this was special, so untrue.
With every breath you'll find exhausted under mind,
This life could be better in my mind,
And towards the end I'm glad that you're still my friend.
You're so mistaken thinking things are right but it's not okay (repeat til end)

Why can't I believe, we're still holding on to things that won't ferment and to,
I'm glad you're still my friend