ApologetiX - Rock This Tower lyrics

Parody of "Rock This Town" by The Stray Cats
(Genesis 11:1-9)

Well, in Babel* the people went out
And they were scattered real wide
They had a tower piled high, but they knew it wasn't right
Well, they built it up and then God in Heaven saw it too
It happened long ago but I got the story for you
In chapter 11 you can look in Genesis if you please

Well, they built a little place that really didn't look half bad
They hadn't finished up the top
When changes on the tower forced them to stop
Well, they put a lot of work into their plan
But all their languages was mixed up, man
Cause God went to Babel
Let's find out what He had to say
We gotta rock this tower
Cause man is quite proud
We gotta rock this tower
Make them leave it now
Well, this is not of God - it's got to stop
They're gonna talk different 'cause we're gonna go mix 'em up
We're gonna rock this tower
Stop this thing right now

Well, they babbled a while
Just a talkin' like they did before
Well then they realized that they couldn't understand anymore
Well, they looked pretty funny
They looked a real sight
They couldn't stay together if they couldn't speak alike
They had to stop that tower
Find a different place to start


*NOTE: Babel can be pronounced "Bab-bull" or "Bay-bull." In this song, it should be pronounced "Bay-bull" so it sounds like "baby."