ApologetiX - Once Livin' Twice Died lyrics

Parody of "Once Bitten Twice Shy" by Great White
(John 3:3, Romans 7, Luke 16:19-31)

Well it's time to get a start that's new, little girl
You've been huntin' and you're stumblin' all over God's Word
You can't remember where you got so much sin
And you don't know just how we're born again
You didn't know what a rotten soul was
Until you read in John where chapter three told us
Christ was there with Nick at nite
Be born again, He said, or else you'll stay died ... yeah
Now it's the middle of your life and you're growin' old
You see there's God's word in a hotel drawer
You look inside - the Book is kinda neat
The written word ya read sure knocks you off your feet
You didn't know how a rotten soul cooked
Until you caught the rich man in the gospel of Luke
That hit home and your heart got hot
You said, "It looks like it's time
I was gettin' right with God"
I said, my, my, my - you're once livin' twice died, babe
My, my, my - I'm once dead and twice alive, babe
My my my - you're once livin' twice died, babe
Woman you're a mess gonna die in your sins
There's blood of the Lamb if you let Christ in
Can't keep Him out - confess with your mouth
You best read Romans 10 cause that's where it's found
You didn't know that a rotten soul burned
Now you've got the manual and you'll live if you learn
You've got the picture - you've got to speak
Come to Him and pray and make it short and sweet
You didn't know they let rotten souls in Heaven
Until you saw the scripture there in Romans chapter 7
You told me, "I want to know the Son"
And look at you now - your darkness is gone