Apocalyptic Vision - Move And Appear lyrics

I am the lord of the earth
Spitting thunder and fire
Demons light the lanterns of sorrow
And indulge my desires
Tyrant who spans the abyss
Sunder the apertures wide that resist
I am the ancient spider
Who weaves the atoms into stars
I scrawl the planets in motions
And describe their circuitous course
Frame the carnal figure in my jaws
Permeate the mantle at its source
Undefiled wisdom guide my hand
And render the inheritance of wrath
Open the mysteries of your creation
Pantheon infernal move and appear
Show favor unto me for I am the same
Bender of light wielder of steel
Zacar od zamran
Odo zirn de qa'an
Damploz coronzon inoas zorge
Irdo lel noco orsba mahorela
Blood of centuries
Ignite the surface of mercury